The Maldives – True Island Paradise

How many times have you turned up to a holiday destination, and the hotel room or the swimming pool are not quite as they appeared in the brochure? The picturesque view on which you based your decision to go there in the first place is actually the only good view in the surrounding area. Well fear not, the Maldives is a place which more than lives up to expectations. It really is as amazing as the travel agents photos suggest.

I would highly recommend the Maldives for anyone looking for a slice of true paradise. The pristine white beaches, spectacular blue waters, and tropical foliage provide the setting for an amazing getaway.


Sitting on the balcony of our water villa, watching the sunrise is certainly one of my travel highlights. Never before have I experienced such tranquility. Complete silence and nothing else in view except for the vast ocean and flat horizon meeting the stunning sky. Read More …