Cimetière Père Lachaise

Against all expectations, the Cimetière Père Lachaise is more lively than tranquil, thanks to the droves of tourists. Situated on a hill to the east of Paris, this cemetery is the home to over a million graves, including the graves of many celebrities.


The most popular of them all is the grave of the Doors singer Jim Morrison. To this day, his fans are still making the pilgramage here and along with the usual flowers and candles; they leave their cigarettes, joints, beer cans and graffiti as way of paying homage to the rock god. Due to vandalism, Morrison's grave has been fenced-off and surveilled from time to time. Oscar Wilde's grave is also very interesting. His wild love life drove him to prison and then an exile in Paris. His gravestone is covered with lipstick kisses and inaccurate quotes from his body of work.


He was always good for a scandal, even after his death. His grave is graced with a larger than life, angelic figure with what once once a penis. The golden piece was stolen and is yet to be replaced. A quiet tip: If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle then steer cleer of the hotspots and take a stroll through the more peaceful parts of the cemetery. Without the celebrities, of course.



Rue du Repos 16
75020 Paris



getting there

Subway: M2 - Philippe Auguste