Hangar Bicocca

The Hangar Bicocca is the trendy antithesis to the Milan Cathedral. Whilst visitors to the cathedral are captivated by the sacred artwork on show, connoisseurs of the seven heavens of artwork from the likes of Anselm Kiefer. The german master created a monumental work that fits well to the industrial design of the Hangar. His seven stars represent the seven levels of spirituality and play with the vistor's own set of associations. One of them harks back to the rubble-landscape of Cologne during WWII, whilst within another lies the hebrew mysticism. But whatever the artwork invokes in you, it is very disturbing, and invites serious contemplation.

The most impressive of all, is the sheer size of the towers. On the horizon are exhibitions from the likes of Chistian Boltanski, with his garbage installation titled, “Poverty and Filth”and “Liquid Loft” from the Austrian artist Chris Haring. Even if you miss these two great highlights, the Hangar Bicocca boasts new experiments every year. So there's always something here to captivate you.




Via Chiese 2
20126 Milan



opening times

Tue & Wed 11am – 7pm, Thur 2.30pm – 10pm, Fri – Sun 11am - 7pm

getting there

Tram: Testi Ponale