Praya Palazzo

Whoever has lived in the manor house for once (it dates back to the year 1923), can feel blessed.


The huge mansion is located next to the Chao Phraya and was refurbished with a lot of flair. The architects upgraded the garden with a spacious pool and the refashioned terrace invites you to breakfasts and recreation. And also the 17 rooms were designed in minute detail while considering the history of the house. Photos from the 1920ies adorn the colourful walls, the vintage telephone rings in and old style and the chaise longue tells about the “Roman” influences on the former architect Wichai Pitakworrarat. If you open the sprawling double doors the view on the Chao Phraya is set free. Prices start from 170 euros (7 rooms in the cheapest category). Depending on season and occupancy rate the prices can increase to 225 euros.



Somdej Prapinklao Soi 2 Bangye 757/1