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In town with the boy scouts and boarding house girls.

In Tyrol they say that Tyroleans are the real human beings. We say bad luck if you're not one, because they don't let anything stop them, not Napoleon nor the mountains. But city dwellers don't really have it that bad. After touching down at the airport, you are immediately surrounded by impressive mountains ranges carved out of a raw and lofty beauty. In order to not let themselves succumb to the diminishing feelings, the Tyroleans live by one motto: 'Off to the mountain tops!', which says everything really. And you always have to go up, to get to the ski slopes, ski jumps or the best panoramic views. Whilst the tourists are taking pride in their wonky snowplough turns, the locals are riding their bikes up a 2000m incline or cleaning their spikes after a morning of ice climbing. Tyrol is both unbeatable and persistent. In 2004 the Univeristy of Tyrol made scientific headlines when as they successfully teleported atoms. 30 years prior to that, Douglas Adams lay in an Innsbruck field and observed the stars. A Hitchhiker's Guide Through the Galaxy was the result. Innsbruck is travelling at light speed, but stays true to itself, fighting its way through with pitchforks and never doubts its own beliefs. It's all a bit different in the holy land.








47° 16' 2" N, 11° 23' 34" E




104,91 km²





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136m, Adam Malysz 2004