Restaurant Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is right in the middle of the trendy Düsseldorf harbour. The owners describe the decor as antique, which reminds one of a fleamarket, that exudes a particular charm. In any case, it is a unique setting, with a kitchen to match. You see, the menu features a crossover from mediterranean to french and even makes a leap into the world of asian flavours. Someone at your table may order fish soup with shrimps and rouille, whilst the other takes orange risotto with sezuan pepper and smoked duck breast whilst you opt for the braised calves'-cheeks with caramelised chicoree and celery puree.

Even the wine list is distinguished and international. Those who are in a hurry can go for the quick midday meal to break up their working day or shopping tour. In any case, you will dine in an unusual atmosphere, on furniture that has a story to tell. And if you're lucky, you might be able to listen to a live band! A lasting impression guaranteed!



Wupperstraße 14
40219 Düsseldorf



opening times

Mon-Fri 11.30-15.00 & from 18.00, Sat & Public Holidays from 18.00