Cemetery Park Marzahn

Parkfriedhof Marzahn is recommended for those who like cemeteries. It was originally opened in 1909 as the resting place for the poorer people of Berlin. To this day, there are around 650 burials each year, but of particular interest are the memorial places – there are so many of them that this cemetery actually counts as a memorial garden. There's one  for the 3,300 bombing victims in the second World War, one for the german soldiers who died in the first world war, Sinti and Roma and the victims of the Nazi regime. Don't forget the memorials for the Soviet and Italian soldiers too. Nowhere else in Berlin will you come across so much history in any one place.

Thanks to two extensions, the gardens span 22 hectares and resemble a large parkland – which is fantastic to take a walk through. Forrested and grassed areas flow into each other and around 12,000 places of rest and memorials are contained within.



Wiesenburger Weg 10
12681 Berlin



opening times

Jan-Apr 08.00-18.00, May-Sep 07.00-21.00, Okt-Dec 08.00-18.00

getting there

Train: S7 - Marzahn