He's been the shooting star of the last few years. He is, so to say, the top of the pots. We are talking about Daniel Achilles, the chef who took home the legendary „Up and Coming Talent“ award of 2009. The other Berliner Masterchefs that also competed for the title are probably quite jealous. But we say: This guy deserved what he got!

Classic doen't stay classic for long in Achilles kitchen, as his preparation is both creative and innovative. The menu is perfectly composed so that your tastebuds cannot tell which way is up or down, hot or cold, sweet or sour. All the aromas here are however absolutely pure. The name of the restaurant sets the scene – only the finest and purest ingredients hit the pan.

The premises is totally free from bells and whistles, and this is also represented in the menu: Scallop altars, brussel sprouts, oyster emulsions followed by goose liver, parsely and lemon. And that's that! Perfect!



Schlegelstraße 26c
10115 Berlin

getting there

Subway: U6 - Zinnowitzer Straße Train: S1, S2, S25 – Nordbahnhof