Joseph Brot

Once upon a time there was Josef. Not the one from 2000 years ago, but the one who was looking for the original taste of bread. The taste that he knew from former times. He was looking and looking and found a master baker in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria. Together they were experimenting and finally baked the very organic bread that has been delivered from the Lower Austrian nature into Joseph's in the Viennese Naglergasse since autumn 2011.


A whole boutique, just for bread! That's Joseph Brot vom Pheinsten. And for the German-speaking readers among you – that's not an orthographic mistake but the “ph” is one of the signature features of the bread boutique. Others are: ingredients from the Austrian organic farming industry, free from any additives. The bread lies up to 48 hours in the shelves before it's baked in the traditional steam oven. The result: natural loaves of bread made of wheat, spelt and rye flour, optionally with honey and lavender. Next to them in the nicely ordered wood shelves at Joseph: ciabatta with olives and tomatoes, or hazelnut and apricots, apple-maple-almond turnovers and poppy-plum jam pastries.



Naglergasse 9
1010 Vienna



opening times

Mon-Fri 07.00-19.00, 
Sat 09.00-18.00

getting there

U2 Schottentor 1A Herrengasse

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